Friday, March 21, 2014

BarkBox Review - March 2014

BarkBox is a monthly subscription service that focuses on products for your pups. Boxes are tailored to your dog's size; however you can alternate the size each month if you like. This was my original plan before I determined that the medium box actually works well for both of my dogs. BarkBox is $29/month for month by month, $24/month for a three month subscription, and $19/month for a six month subscription. 10% of the monthly subscription price is donated to organizations that help dogs in need.

Each box can contain a range of items including toys, all-natural treats, bones, hygiene products, or other dog related items. This month my box included a range of treats and toys.

Safemade SafeChew Biggie Bone - Medium, $10 value
This was a big hit with my dogs. I actually had to take it away from them last night, because it was causing too much late night drama. 

Aussie Naturals Bacon Squeaky Toy - One Size, ~$5 value
I thought this product was very cute, but my dog destroyed it in less than 10 minutes. It may have been a new record.

Happy Howie's Turkey Sausage - 5 pack, $6.49 value
I am very pleased with the ingredients on this product!

Wagatha's Breakfast Biscuits - 8 oz, $5.50 value
I think that these biscuits are adorable. I love the idea of having a breakfast treat for my dogs. I like to mix up what they get throughout the day, so this will just make it easier!

Baker's Best Wild Pacific Maple Glazed Salmon with Blueberries - 4 oz, $5.99 CDN ($5.32 USD) value

I am very, very happy with this box. The toys have been a big hit, and I have a feeling the treats will too. BarkBox did an amazing job this month. Some of the values had to be estimated, but I feel comfortable saying the box had just over a $32 value. Even if I had paid the full $29 I would have gotten a little more than I paid for. Nothing in this box will go to waste (even the toy that brought my dog 10 minutes of pure, destructive joy).

Are you a BarkBox subscriber? I would love to hear what you got! I'm very interested to learn about the small and large sized boxes!